I’m an Atlanta based web developer and web architect [ see portfolio for skill-set and recent work ].

I love web development and design and do it everyday! I couldn’t imagine a day without my computer.

I also love to learn, and while I believe I’m pretty good at what I do – I always aim to be better, to write very DRY (don’t repeat yourself) code and to write highly functional and useful apps – this means that I tend to enjoy what I work on if I see its usefulness.

I also aim to conquer the rocket science that is online marketing – hopefully, one day, it will come as easy as development does for me. In a distant future, I hope to use my skills (which should be super awesomely advanced by then) to get into Nano Robotics, but you know what they say… “time shall tell!” (get it? time shall tell? shall tell? Shalltell? ha!)

At this juncture, I typically work on personal & professional projects. Say hello!