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Adding CakePHP to my repertoire…

I got tired/confused (omg learning curves!) with Symfony. I will eventually pick it up (since I am a Drupal developer-extraordinaire, heh) but for now, for what I need to do/test/play with, I need something a little bit more rapid, for that, I took a closer look at CakePHP.

When I first started learning how to use frameworks and PHP in general, I used Joomla (right when it forked from Mambo).

oh my, this is great! now I don’t have to learn to code!

Sooner rather than later (and after numerous catastrophes), I realized that some frameworks limit what you can do on your own project. So, I moved on to learn PHP & SQL.

I learned MySQL on my own, then learned MSSQL a.k.a meh, then learned PL/SQL – the Oracle query language thingy… and it made my knowledge of MySQL too legit… (too legit to quit)

I stopped using frameworks and wrote terrible exploitable code, learned lessons along the way and then learned Java.

When I learned Java, I understood classes, methods vs functions, the differences b/w abstract and static and, all that jazz – but what really set everything in stone for me was learning what Object-Oriented programming meant.

viva la polymorphism!

Then I learned Python and was blown away. No longer could I just type a bunch of spaghetti code and call it a day. Nope, things have to be sooo preeeeety, so precise, so well tabbed, so well spaced, so well amazing; and I loved it.

I learned Python via proxy. I used Django and picked up Python with it. What I should say here is that I learned the MVC architecture.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand – I’ve learned that the only reason I know as much as I do is because I know how to move on or try other methods of writing code. Programming itself is not really that impressive (you can easily make a program write a shitty program, make it write itself, etc – but you can’t make it think – you can only tell it how to think) – what is impressive about the people that program is their ability to think in procedural steps. Programming teaches you how to think and how to solve problems objectively (bitch at the computer all you want, YOU still have to fix that stack overflow, etc).

Long story short: I’m learning some cake, I’m liking it so far, lets see where it leads.

So many tangents within this post, so little time… (vaguely reminded of sohcahtoa and other bs I had to learn with math; did you know I can recite the first 20 elements of the periodic table? and I can write all of it WITH their abbreviations? even potassium - THE special K?)

Getting Started with Symfony 2.x

Symfony Logo

So, I thought it’d be about time to do some research on a new MVC framework to use. I normally use CodeIgniter, but it seemed as if the project is dead. I need a framework that keeps up with the tech changing around it – we’re at PHP 5.4, good ol’ CodeIgniter is still 5.2 stable… I’ve gotta move on. Whatever MVC framework shall I use?! (more…)

…and it’s back!

For a web developer (and sometimes designer when the insomnia hits), is always ugly. It seems as if everything moves at the speed of light – this time last year, I would constantly debate whether or not to use responsive development, now I can’t work on a personal project that isn’t responsive.

Over the next months, my portfolio will be featuring things that I’ve worked on that reflects my current set of skills (and not items I worked on a long log time ago).

With that said, is back! It’ll have ALL the posts from the last iteration of (now with the ability to comment), and posts I’ve had on a drive years ago that I never published – they will be postmarked according to their original date.

Also, less use of ellipses, this post has none!