Finally, is revamped!

I had about four designs I played around with for the new I was happy with the final revision. It was perfect. A little color mixed in the black background… an image behind the grid; an image of the forest; a nice green.

But as heaven would have it, my computer gave me the BSOD. I restarted it and shrugged it off; this would have been the perfect time to commit these files… but, as usual, it’s they are my files so I took my time… stuck in the ‘design mode’.

Then, my little dell d510 (running XP) finally coughed her last breath… and died. I restarted it but, it seems she already had a DNR order.

Ten minutes later, as my computer withdrawal symptopms symptoms started to emerge, I rushed off to Fry’s and got another computer.

I love my new baby. She’s glossy (I wanted a dell, easier to take apart and stuff… but this HP caught my eye). I took my new laptop home, tossed the manual to the side and started working on my new

It wasn’t the same as my dell… (I call her ol’bessie or d510 when I need to print)… but I’m getting used to this computer. Eventually I will have to get my files off ol’bessie’s drive. But until then…. cheers!

Welcome to the new; may the elipses be with you.

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