Getting Started with Symfony 2.x

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So, I thought it’d be about time to do some research on a new MVC framework to use. I normally use CodeIgniter, but it seemed as if the project is dead. I need a framework that keeps up with the tech changing around it – we’re at PHP 5.4, good ol’ CodeIgniter is still 5.2 stable… I’ve gotta move on. Whatever MVC framework shall I use?!

So, after much research, Laravel popped out of no where. The masses seem to love it. I’ve never heard about Laravel until now, but it seemed as if I’d been in a cave all this while (while I learned more about Drupal and the limits of WordPress – which serve different purposes than an MVC framework would btw). I installed it and looked around, I miss CI and I wasn’t crazy about this new framework – I found a lot of talk for it, but not much against it, and for me, this is uncool.

Back in the day when I learned about CodeIgniter, I was looking for something close to django for PHP. I settled with CI after looking through Cake PHP & Symfony. At the time Cake PHP was my least favorite, it seemed bloaty. Symfony seemed a little too new to the scene and all signs pointed to CodeIgniter – the super-lightweight MVC framework that was just… tops.

I’ve had my fun and many-a-projects done with CI, but this time I decided to give Symfony a try and not out of sheer curiousity. After I learned from a colleague that Drupal 8 is based on Symfony, it seemed to make sense that I get familiar with the way things are done ’round in there… and I’m glad I did.

After installing Symfony and following the documentation, I like it. It reminds me so much of django (especially the use of squiggly bracket blocks – used in django templates). I haven’t done anything symphonic with it yet, but installing it was a breeze, following the doc was a breeze, and the routing (a big annoyance in all MVCs, at least for me) was also a breeze.

I plan on using Symfony for my little <canvas> experiment (a visual sitemap creator – for web & app project planning)… I’ll test it out, get comfortable with it and see if I can replace my MVC flame (heh, CI)…I hope it goes without a hitch!

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