I’m removing all my old projects from my portfolio as they no longer reflect my current approach to programming, web development and graphic design.

When I have more recent/accurate projects that reflect my skill-set, I’ll add them here!

Currently, I’m heavily invested in Content Management Frameworks, html5 (mostly for mobile development – specifically with <canvas>), database optimization (specifically MySQL) & manipulation, etc. In general, my skill-set includes, and are not limited to:

  • php, python, java*,  JSP*
  • codeigniter, drupal, MVC frameworks, django, joomla**, wordpress
  • APIs: facebook graph, twitter, OAuths, FeDex (SOAP +XML), UPS, etc
  • html5, javascript/ajax, jQuery, mootools**, prototype/scriptaculous**, CSS2, CSS3, IE6/7 Development**, XHTML, kinetic.js, titanium/appcelerator
  • OracleDB/pl sql* MySQL MSSQL*
  • photoshop, illustrator, flash*, inDesign, fireworks, inkscape
  • SVN, git*
  • Responsive development
  • Ubuntu, server administration (LAMP stack) – all command line (putty/kitty)
*rusty, ** can, and would rather not

At the end of the day, I believe more in the ability to grasp the concepts that help you find a solution to a problem… using the best tool for the task/project at hand.