why I went back to netflix :(

I went back to netflix because my dad wanted to watch movies. All day he watches movies on my hulu account and continuously wants to watch movies only available via h+ (hulu plus).

Long story short: netflix is easier for my dad to use and ends the “it won’t let me see ‘Four Dragons’, it only shows for a couple of minutes!” debacle.

I believe netflix knows this too, only that fact would give a company the cojones to raise prices by 60% during a recession and record quarter profits.

I am not 100% happy about my service because my old instant queue got deleted. I only left for two months (they promised to keep the queue for 2 years). Unsuprisingly, they didn’t delete my old credit card info.

Is greed good? Maybe. But definitely not at 60% and not at a cost of customer disrespect. I mean, ‘quikster’(sp? quickster? quickstar? quikstar? wtfomgbbq?)… come on! That is sooooo 1980s, ask Coca-Cola.

…and it does pain me to write this. Cold. Catarrh. Headache. I hope a bug doesn’t fly into my mouth as I breathe through it :(

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